Why PtoP






Purpose Built

From the very beginning the design point for PtoP was from the ground up: What functions and features would be required to enable, for each unique alliance, greater control, reduced risk and accelerated growth.


Focus on Analytics


Alliances are businesses.  Businesses employ analytics to optimize their data for competitive advantage. PtoP provides a digital platform that consolidates data from across the organization and enables analytics using “What-If?” modeling.



Alliance Key Performance Indicators

An alliance that systematically measures and tracks its performance reduces the risk of negative surprises.  In addition to measuring the alliance’s KPIs PtoP measures and tracks the performance of each partner.


ROI Estimates

One goal of an alliance is to deliver a positive yield on its investment over a period of time, typically more than a year.   PtoP produces estimated gross and net ROIs for the alliance and each partner over a twenty-four month period.


Detailed Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials lays out in detail all the components required to assemble and deliver a complete solution. PtoP, through its Plan of Record, accounts for each component and which partner is responsible for developing and delivering it.


Customized Billing

One time charges, subscription fees, deferred payments, inclusion frequency, component and total revenues:  The ways in which business solutions are being built, delivered and accounted for are becoming more…not less…complex. PtoP does it all.


Joint Sales Modeling

First sales encounters with prospects are not always successful.  Objections come out of nowhere.  A PtoP partnership “rules of engagement” approach models sales roles and responsibilities that can reduce missteps and help keep sales on track.


"Win-Rate" Evaluation

Competitive strength exerts a heavy influence on sales outcomes. PtoP’s competitive scoring methodology, coupled with resource allocation, reveals insights into the rate of sales wins over a period of time.  


Resource Forecasting

Personnel costs in services industries could be as much as 50% of operating expenses. To keep track of those expenses PtoP generates a comprehensive accounting of skilled headcount and costs over twenty-four months.


"What-If?" Modeling

An alliance model can generate an unacceptable business outcome for one or both partners.  PtoP’s “What-If?” feature enables unlimited alterations of key plan values that produce a different model with each change.