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Field Notes

Memo to CEOs

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You


Why is it that some of the brightest and most celebrated corporate CEO’s like Intel’s Andy Grove, Time Warner’s Gerald Levin and VW’s Martin Winterkorn have brilliant careers building their own companies, only to be tripped up by    a partnership or alliance that failed to meet expectations or brought with it unpleasant surprises never imagined?**

The answer is that with partnerships and alliances it is far more difficult to control the information and the people to ensure the same level of success that you demand of your core business.


The result is that too frequently stakeholder expectations are not met and performance projections…financials specifically…fall short. It happens even to the foremost corporate leaders and managers.


To date the list of best practices on the business management of partnerships and alliances is alarmingly incomplete. Much of the critical quantitative analysis of projected and actual financial results, including profitability, is absent.


The purpose of this brief guide is to lay out the essential quantitative information and data that senior executives MUST HAVE in order to make informed strategic and investment decisions for their alliances.

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